Property Services

The company you keep speaks volumes about who are. We are proud to represent some of Australia’s leading retailers and retailer associations. Our clients include recognised brand names such as Chemmart, Forcast, Mountain Designs, Timezone, and The Australian Newsagents Federation.

Whether you are an independent retailer, a medium sized enterprise looking to expand or a national chain, we are able assist in achieving your objectives.

Independent retailers

The vibrant Australian retail industry is largely composed of independent retailers who are it’s lifeblood and account for a large proportion of employment within this country. It is an industry constantly evolving, with challenges and new paradigms continually emerging. Technological advances such as internet retailing and social media, as well as legislative changes impact all retailers. As a business owner it is important that you are aware of what is happening in your industry, especially when it concerns your leased premises. This is where we come in – we enjoy working closely with independent retailers, so if you are experiencing problems renewing your lease or have an ongoing dispute with your landlord we can help you.

We have different levels of engagement which are dependent on what service you are looking for, so please refer to the services section of this website.

Retailer Associations, Franchises and Marketing/Buying Groups

One of our strengths is that we work closely with retail industry associations and marketing/buying groups who represent specific retailer categories. As a result of these relationships, we have a good working knowledge of current trends and challenges that are facing these categories.

We currently partner with a number of retailer associations and buying/marketing groups to provide leasing advisory services to benefit their members. Our LAS (Leasing Advisory Service) is an on-call arrangement which allows members to contact us to discuss any aspect of their lease whatsoever – whether it be negotiating a new rent, exercising an option to renew, querying an outgoings calculation or helping resolve a dispute with a landlord, we provide accurate and reliable advice, based on over 25 years experience in retail property.

Introducing a new member benefit such as LAS within your organisation would genuinely benefit your members and assist in driving membership, so why not talk to us about what we can do for you.

National Chain Retailers

We understand that many national retail chains have their own in house leasing departments, however in these challenging economic times it is prudent to think laterally and to always consider options to improve the bottom line.

Outsourcing certain leasing functions may be an ideal way to reduce your fixed management costs in today’s tough economic environment. We can assist you with a myriad of different leasing services, so please call us to discuss options.

Would you like to know more?

If you are a national/franchise chain, independent retailer, retailer association or marketing/buying group and would like to talk to us about our services please contact us via email or phone: 0412 300 907